Sunday, July 25, 2010

Nokia 5310 SIM Unlock Instructions

I recently unlocked my Nokia 5310 XpressMusic phone that I am using with T-Mobile and thought I would post some instructions for the unlock process.  If you have been on a contract with T-Mobile for a certain amount of time (at least 3 months I think but it could vary based on phone), you can call T-Mobile and get an unlock code emailed to you within 1 to 7 days.  It took less than a day for me.

I received an unlock code and the following instructions from T-Mobile:
NOTE: If you receive an error message while performing the instructions below, stop. Please be aware that if an excessive amount of incorrect attempts are made, the phone will be permanently locked.

1.  Press #
2.  Press * three times = P
3.  Press * four times = W
4.  Press * twice = +
5.  Enter the unlock code
6.  Press * twice = +
7.  Press 1, then # and the display should read "SIM Restriction Off"

Pay special attention to the note above about your phone getting permanently locked if too many incorrect attempts are made to unlock the phone.

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