Monday, April 21, 2008

What's bulky, white, and red all over?

Unfortunately, my Xbox. I hadn't played my Xbox 360 since I took it home for Christmas vacation, so I figured it was about time to relax and have some fun. So I hooked it back up to my monitor and turned on the power...hmm, that's weird, what are all those funny vertical lines on my Xbox LIVE dashboard? I haven't seen that before.

My Xbox 360 was frozen. Oh well, must just be a glitch. Time to reboot.

Second boot attempt: After shutting down the console and turning it back on, nothing happened; the power was on but the console wasn't outputing any video.

Third boot attempt: Third time a charm? Not unless you consider big red rings charming...

...the famous Red Ring of Death.  Hooray for 3 year warranties!

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