Saturday, May 22, 2010

Nikon Scan on 64-bit Windows (Vista, 7, 8, 10)

Last Updated 8/23/2015 (adds mention of Windows 8 & 10 support)

There are various instructions around the internet that describe how to get Nikon Scan working on a 64-bit system.  My instructions are slightly different and use only modified installation files from Nikon (nothing from Vuescan is used).  Before I list the instructions, this will only work with and has only been tested with the following devices and operating systems:
  • Devices
    • Nikon Coolscan IV ED
    • Nikon Coolscan V ED
    • Nikon Super Coolscan 5000 ED
  • 64-bit versions of Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10
Here are the instructions to get this setup working:
  1. The driver included with Nikon Scan is an older 'unsigned' driver. Newer versions of Windows will only allow you to install 'signed' drivers but there is an option to enable installation of 'unsigned' drivers. Before you can install the Nikon scanner driver as detailed in the next steps, you will need to look for instructions specific to your operating system version for how to enable installation of 'unsigned' drivers. After you have done this, proceed to the next step.
  2. Install Nikon Scan 4.0.3 Vista 32-bit software. This was the last version of Nikon Scan that Nikon released before they ended support for the software. Windows will probably want to reboot after this step.
  3. At this point the scanner will not work so you will have to update the driver for the scanner with a modified version of Nikon's Setup Information File (.INF file) that works on 64-bit systems.  Create the file 'NikonUSBScanner.inf' with the contents shown below and save it somewhere like C:\Temp\Nikon (or just download NikonUSBScanner.inf):

    ; NikonUSBScanner.INF -- Windows Still Image Setup File of
    ; Nikon USB Scanners for Windows Vista/7/8/10 64-bit
    ; Manufacturer: Original by Nikon, Modifications for 64-bit by Chris Rawlings





    ;///// USBSCANInstallSection /////
    ;** Windows Vista/7/8/10 section **


    HKCR,CLSID\{07C71AC0-FA90-11d3-B409-00C04F87578E},,,"Nikon STI USD"






    Mfg="Chris Rawlings"
    DiskName="Nikon Scan 4 CD-ROM"
    DeviceDescLS0040="Nikon COOLSCAN IV ED"
    DeviceDescLS0050="Nikon COOLSCAN V ED"
    DeviceDescLS5000="Nikon SUPER COOLSCAN 5000 ED"

  4. In the same place you saved the custom INF file, you will also need the file 'NKScnUSD.dll'.  This file can be found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Nikon\Driver\ScanUSB, so just copy if from there into C:\Temp\Nikon.  This file was installed to your system when you installed Nikon Scan 4.0.3.
  5. Install the modified driver files for your slide scanner:
    • Now that both installation files are in place in C:\Temp\Nikon, turn the scanner on and navigate to the device in the device manager (right click 'Computer' in the start menu or on the desktop --> Manage --> Device Manager). 
    • Right-click on the scanner device and choose 'Update Driver Software'.
    • Next, choose 'Browse my computer for driver software' and browse to C:\Temp\Nikon where you saved the driver installation files. 
    • Give Windows permission to install the driver and you should be all set to start scanning with Nikon Scan on your 64-bit Windows system.


  1. Fan-freaking-tastic! I followed the steps and my Coolscan IV ED is now working perfectly with my Windows 7 64-bit machine. I really thought my scanner was useless after Nikon orphaned it by refusing to write a 64-bit driver. Thank you for your good work. You've made my day!

  2. I have tried on Nikon coolscan V ED on other suggestions, but yours workded at first try on Win-7 and Vista 64. Thanks for your help!!!
    I hope many people visit your site.

  3. Any ideas for installing the scanner with the firewire interface?

  4. Found a patch for the firewire interface and my Nikon LS-4000 is working fine with Windows 7 64 Bit. Here's the link if anyone needs it:
    Thanks to people like you for not letting Nikon and Microsoft render my $1000 scanning setup useless!

  5. Awesome, thanks for sharing the link for patching the drivers for the firewire based scanners!

  6. Hi,

    What if the driver installs incorrectly and the error code 10 appears (device cannot start)?

    1. I have a Nikon LS40-ED and kept getting the same message when I tried to install not only this solution, but also Silverfast and Vuescan as suggested by Nikon UK. I realised that the scanner firmware was the cause. My scanner was at V1.05 (apears in the pop up window on scan preview mode for the Nikon software). The latest version is 1.2. Download this from the Nikon website. I used Nikon USA you may be able to do it from the UK/EU site as well. Nikon advise that the firmware will not install with V4.xx of the scanner software (uh!!!) so I downloaded v3.1.2 and used an old PC with win XP on it. After getting the original nikon LS40.inf driver installed, the firmeware installed easily. I then followed the advice on this page and the scanner worked immediately on my new laptop with win 7 64 bit. Brilliant! I hope this helps.

    2. I tried installing my IV ED on a Shuttle 61 and got the "error code 10", too. I checked that I had FW version 1.20 (took me about an hour of back and forth on an old XP machine).

      What fixed it - apparently - was that I moved the USB cable to a USB 2.0 port instead of 3.0. Which shouldn't make any difference, I know...

      Hope this helps - and so many thanks for providing this driver !!!!!

  7. Thank you so much for posting this information to allow me to continue to use my Nikon scanner. Your instructions were very clear and the setup went just as you described. Thanks’ once again.

  8. Since I upgraded to Win 7 my Nikon scanner has just been sitting there idle, and it was driving me crazy. After several unanswered e-mails to Nikon I was ready to give up, and then I found your blog.

    After several bungled attempts to get things going, I finally got the scanner back in action, and now I can attack the pile of slides that need to be digitized.

    Thank you!!!

    Brad R.

  9. Wonderful! Thank you!

  10. Hi Christopher
    I cannot thank you enough for this post. I followed your instructions (wonderfully explicit by the way)and it worked perfectly. My CoolscanIV is now fully functional again. I strongly suggest that you contact the idiots at Nikon and ask them for a consultancy fee to post this fix on their site. Being fearful of messing up a new computer, I had read about forty complex fixes posted by others before I found yours. I really appreciate you efforts.

  11. Thanks for this. The problem with Nikon is that they will continually try and get you to buy more & more products in order to make then work better. This can be overcome be installing the best driver tool :) You may wish to try a Driver Finder Review

  12. Hi All,

    I have Windows Vista 32-bit and a Nikon Coolscan IV ED, but my computer doesn't even recognize or identify the scanner. I've installed NikonScan 4.3.1, but to no avail. I've been at this for 3 weeks now, reading so many blogs but everything is about tweaking Vista 64-bit. What does it mean that my computer doesn't even identify the scanner (in Device Manager)? Help!

  13. thanck you very much !
    Y're save my scan, and more black and white negatives
    (I'm french, my english is very bad;=)

  14. Due to a mother board failure, I had to rebuild my computer from old XP. I upgraded to Windows 7 64 bit with quad processor and 16G memory. This fix works! Let me add my heart felt thanks to you for providing this easy solution.

  15. Thanks a lot. Fantastic job! My Nikon Coolscan V ED is now working fine over Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits.

  16. Hello Chris,
    I have a nikon coolscan IV with Nikon Scan 3.1.3 software and am not finding the file 'NKScnUSD.dll' you refer to in your instructions. Do you know which file I need with the 3.1.3 software or can you offer instructions for getting my scanner to work with windows 7? I appreciate your help. Jerry

  17. You rock! Thought my Nikon Coolscan 5000 ED was useless. Found your blog, followed your instructions and it worked like a charm. Now scanning slides onto my Windows 7 64-bit. Thank you!

  18. tnx!!!!
    my coolscan comes to life!
    Andrea, Roma, Italy

  19. In Windows 8 this doesn't work, because the digital signature enforcement is mandatory and it throws and error on the last update drive step. A little research revealed that you can disable signature enforcement but it requires a "Shift-restart." Basically go into Settings / Power, but then when clicking "Restart" you hold the SHIFT key down. This will bring up a blue screen with various options. Choose: Troubleshoot / Advanced Options / Startup Settings. Then when you reboot, another set of options comes up: you need to select option 7, disable certificate enforcement (or whatever the exact name is). Once booted, you can do the driver update in the device maanger and it will work. Thanks again to OP for this.

  20. Great, works seamlessly. thx

  21. I followed your instructions, and I'm now able to use my Coolscan V with Windows 7. Many thanks! However, the scanner makes a significantly louder and coarser sound now, during the actual scanning, than it did when I used it with Windows XP. (And, in fact, when I now use it with Windows XP, the sound is also somewhat louder and coarser than it used to be.) This is annoying, but does it also signify a problem with the scanner? Might it have to do with the fact that my Windows 7 machine is more powerful than my Windows XP machine? The sound with Windows 7 is pretty much like the sound the scanner makes in this video: I'd be very grateful for any input on this. Best, Tom

  22. So many thanks. Using my Coolscan 5000 ED with 64-bit Windows 10! The only thing I had to do differently was force Windows to install the unsigned driver. Hold the shift key while pressing "restart", then follow the advanced options to start the next session with "disable driver signature enforcement". Everything else is just as described. Mark

  23. Great to learn that it works on Windows 10 as well!

  24. Many thanks for this. I ha e successfully installed on Windows 10. For info on how to install unsigned drivers on Windows 10 go to

  25. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  26. Thank Christopher for this driver. He has work fine with my Nikon Coolscan ED5000 in Windows 10 Home. I have only one problem. Don't work if Digital ICE4 function is activated. When I scan 35mm film with de Digital ICE4 activated "Scan error" is reported. ¿This driver works with Digital ICE4 function of Nikon Scan Software? ¿Any suggestion?

  27. Worked perfectly in win10. Thanks all.

  28. Followed the above steps on a clean install of Windows 10 Pro for a Super Coolscan 5000 ED and it worked perfectly the first time! Thanks so much!

    Christian Taconet: I tried scanning with Digital ICE4 on and off and it worked fine both ways. Wish I could offer more help.

  29. I've downloaded and installed NikonScan 4.0.3 and there is no NKScnUSD.dll. There is a readme file that lists all of the files in the download, and it is also not listed.

    Is there any other way to get this file?

    1. after more internet searching I have found that the proper location for the NKScnUSB.dll is in Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Nikon\Driver\ScanUSB

  30. Thank you so much. As soon as I found out how to disable the Distributor verification in Win7 (by rebooting while hitting F8, and choose the relevant option) your procedure worked perfectly. You really save me :-)
    Regards Rolf BL

  31. I've been using this fix on Windows 8 for some time, it works perfectly. I'm concerned however, about upgrading to Windows 10, has anyone does this, will it continue to work or will I have to start over?

  32. My Scanner stopped working with the upgrade to Windows 10. Following the instructions above still gives me a "The third-party INF does not contain digital signature information" message and does not work. Is there anything else I can try?



  33. Hello, thank you very much. For some reason my ED 5000 scanner work in Windows 7 Ultimate but when reinstalled the system to an original Windows Professional it did not work anymore. The driver that you wrote works perfectly! I'm grateful for have two Nikon CoolScan 5000Ed and you gave long life to them. Many, many thanks.
    Claudio Machado

  34. from where i can download driver and software for my nikkon ls-50 ed
    for win 10 64bit

  35. Thank you so much for sharing this!!

    It works flawless.

    For one or an other reason the procedure to disable the driver signature verification did not work the first time, but after repeating it, everything went fine.

  36. Thank you for this tutorial! This clear and easy-to-follow instruction helped to get my NIKON LS-50 ready for use with windows 10 in a snap. Red rose for you!

  37. I was able to install the driver by disabling the signature verification as described but I get a

    "This device cannot start. (Code 10)

    Insufficient system resources exist to complete the API."

    Any ideas on how to fix this?

    Mike Newman

  38. Problem with the Code 10, mentioned above, was solved by firing up an XP machine and updating the Coolscan firmware with Version 1.20 (from Nikon's website). The scanner was still running Version 1.05. Now it works perfectly. I'm using VueScan on a 64-bit HP Z230 with Windows 10.

  39. The 'preview' works fine, but when I 'scan' the result is nothing like the 'preview'. It seems like it ignores everything I've done. I'm using Windows 8

  40. I have Nikon Coolscan V ED scanner and windows 10 on my new computer. I followed all your steps to change program from 32 bits to 64. At the last step to change driver with two files, installation stopped with message : the third party INF does not contain digital signature information. What I have to do?

  41. Together with Leland Dutcher's post, this works for my Coolscan 5000 with Windows 10. Thank you, thank you, thank you! (Simo - you need to see Leland Dutcher's post.)

  42. After a few months with W10, and shutting down all it's privacy features, I installed my Nikon Coolscan V, and discovered, like others, that it was a doorstop. Your .inf saved the day, and I used it a few times. After a W10 update or two, I then discovered that I had to do the entire digital signature procedure again, and install your .inf, as the Nikon software couldn't recognize the scanner. It works fine now, thanks to you. My father was smart back in the late '40's and on to use a slide film of the day, and now I can scan, retouch and print at Costco priceless family history. With retirement a few months away, I have billions of Agfachromes, Kodachromes, E-6 and color negs to scan. No more slide projectors...remember them?!

  43. Thank you, my Coolscan works again.

  44. Julian and Leland, thanks a lot, even I how do not know much about computers finally made my Nikon scanner to work on windows 10. I was in Africa for two years with my Nikon F body and have bunch of very nice negatives to scan now Thank you again, Simo.

  45. Dear All,
    I have Windows 10, 64 bit and Nikon Super Coolscan 8000 ED. I can use it with Vuescan, but there isn't thumbnail tab (like Nikon Scan 4.0).
    Any ideas for using Nikon Scan 4.0?
    Thank you

  46. Followed the instructions exactly. It was rather intimidating because it got into parts of my computer I am not that comfortable messing with. But it worked perfectly. Can't thank you enough.
    Prentis Drew - Kirkland, WA

  47. And my LS 5000 is again operational with no expensive software buy. Thank you!

  48. Hi, is there a way similar to the above solution for the LS2000?

  49. After last W10 update my driver don't works.
    What have I done wrong??

  50. Scanner is working again and the last slides can be digital now !! thanks a lot !! X

  51. DUDE!!, you rock!! Have had my scanner on the shelf, in a bag, for over 15 years. I recently "lost" two years of family photos on an external hard drive (yes, should've had RAID or something secondary). Fortunately, they are still on mounted Ektachrome slides that are cataloged by date in plastic sleeves and bags. Followed your procedure, but also had to allow Windows 10 to install unsigned drivers........ found several methods of doing so.

    Back in the infancy of digital cameras, this scanner was my answer to being able to afford a "digital" camera.

    Nikon Coolscan 5000ED and Windows 10 on an old i5.

    Thanks again.

  52. Thanks for the solution! It worked the first time for my new HP Z4 G4 workstation running Windows 10 Pro. Nikon Coolscan V ED